My primary research interests are in various Magnetic Studies, Scientific Ocean Drilling, Marine Geology and Geophysics, Plate Tectonics, Paleoclimatology, Exploration, and Data Analysis. Some of my active and past research projects include:

  • IODP Expedition 339 (Mediterranean Outflow Water): Chronostratigraphic and magnetic studies of drill sites offshore Spain and Portugal.
  • Antarctica: Paleomagnetism and environmental magnetism from drill cores (ODP, IODP, ANDRILL, and others).
  • Paleosecular variation of the geomagnetic field over the past few thousand to several million years at sites around the world (Northern Atlantic Ocean, Blake-Bahama Outer Ridge, Cariaco Basin, Japan Trench, and elsewhere).
  • Stratigraphic analysis and petroleum potential of Melville Bay off NW Greenland
  • Paleointensity of the early Solar System from paleomagnetic and rock magnetic investigations of chondrules.
  • Apparent polar wander, hotspot motions, and true polar wander.
  • First Order Reversal Curves (FORCs), applied to characterizing magnetic interactions, coercivities, grain sizes, and compositions of synthetic and natural magnetic minerals.
  • Rock magnetic properties of ocean basalts from ODP Legs 200 and 206: the role of the upper oceanic crust in generating marine magnetic anomalies.
Other research projects are listed below.

Other Research Projects:
  • Dating giant landslides off Oahu using cores from ODP Leg 200.
  • Paleointensity determinations using a vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM).